September 2, 2009

A Tale of a Hair Trial - A Sigh of Relief and the Final Product (Part 3)

When we last left me, your worried heroine, I was NOT at all happy with my hair situation.

I had a rought draft, I was not happy with the real run through for a variety of reasons, and there I was practically a week before the wedding stressing about what to do with my hair. At this point, Mr. Swan stepped in. During the process he had had opinions about the wedding planning, but I was definitely surprised with how strong of an opinion he had about this.

"There is NO way that you are leaving your hotel that morning!" That's pretty much a direct quote from him. A'ight, Mr. Swan. Rock on wit ya bad self...I hear you!

Fair enough, Mr. Swan, but how was I going to find someone who could do my hair in the way I wanted and make it to my hotel room for that morning with essentially TEN days left before the wedding? I had some ideas of where to call, yet I was worried about the price and working with someone new. After some discussion and encouragement from Mr. Swan, I decided to reach out to Khamit Kinks, one of the oldest natural hair care salons in New York City.

I have only been to the salon once before, and while it tends to be on the pricier end of the spectrum, the salon is also known for its professionalism. At this point, I not only needed professionalism but a miracle! I wasn't disappointed. From the moment I talked to Taeisha, the manager, to the morning of the wedding when my lifeseaver, Andre, showed up to work his magic, I was completely amazed by how smooth everything went. I was so grateful, happy and most importantly, I was relaxed on my wedding day!

How did it all work out in the end? Well Andre is a bad ass. Remember this pic that I have posted in many a hair post? HE was the stylist that created it!

In the end he got a little cheeky with my final style. What do I mean by that?


Yes, that's right! My hair is in the shape of a heart! How cute is that? :) I don't know how he was able to make it look so elegant yet cute all at the same time. Andre also did a variation on the style by actually braiding my hair before putting it up (no wonder I was sitting hunched over for so long!). I think you'll get the idea with this picture.

Here's me walking down the aisle veil and all:

In the end I spent WAY more money than I intended on my hair, but what I did realize is that depending on the situation, it's really important to get the most professional person you can find that will give you the least stress on your wedding day. You want to be able to trust the people you hire to be your wedding helpers/vendors. If you can reduce your stress level and if looking a certain way is important to you, find a way to make sure that it's a smooth and close to flawless process for you.

In the end I cheated, but I did what was best for me.

Is there anything for the wedding that you spent more money than budgeted but don't regret/won't regret?

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erin said...

Your hair looked awesome! I don't have a story about budget regrets but I do understand hair stress. I had done two hair trials so I felt okay. But my two bridesmaids had not done practice sessions because they live in California. Of course, they were both a little unhappy with the way the stylist did their hair the day of the wedding and the stylist had to re-work their hair. I was watching the clock ticking and wondering when the stylist would get to me! These are the pitfalls of no hair trials, using stylists you aren't that familiar with, etc.