August 18, 2010

It's So Hard...

to say Goodbye...

One of my favorite songs that say goodbye. This was the first CD that I ever bought by the way!! If you're not familiar with Boyz II Men, you're missing out on some great late 80's/early 90's R&B.

I can't believe that I am writing this, but this will in fact be my last Weddingbee post ever. I remember way back when when I started to read WB: Mrs. Penguin was still engaged; there were barely any discussion boards; and even Mr. Bee would occasionally write a post. That was way back in the days of late 2007 (gulp!) months before I got engaged.

When I started to write a blog and even when I got accepted to Weddingbee, I didn't know how much it would change my life. I've met a great group of interesting and fun women from all over the country (and the world). I've discovered a new hobby and form of self-expression through blogging. I've learned a lot about social media. I've also gotten to interact with an encouraging, creative and resourceful community that are the readers of Weddingbee!

Now that I have been a married lady for a year and almost two weeks, I can say that marriage is fun, sometimes hard and rewarding. It's been a crazy year for me and Mr. Swan: getting new jobs, leaving old ones, and going through various types of personal change. That being said, it's all been good times, and we're learning to be better partners to each other everyday.

The biggest highlights of this year:

Cooking my first holiday dinner (Christmas) all by myself.

A few trips


And just hanging out....
Governor's Island in NYC. Mr. Swan took the picture, so I guess he's in this one too! :)

I have not stopped blogging though. I have a blog about food and travel (two of my most favorite things). It's called Try Anything Once. The cool title is courtesy of Mrs. Lamb; and if you like the blog design, it's all Mrs. Poodle. I'd love for you to join me over there, if you don't mind hearing about what I eat and where, my travel adventures plus a little personal stuff thrown in. By the way, those of you who are thinking about or planning a honeymoon or trip to Bali, I'm currently blogging about it there.

So this is it. I wish only good things for all of the brides and blogging Bees out there old and new.

Mrs. Swan


Cassandra Bromfield's Blogs said...

Enjoyed reading and I wish you the best for the future. So you are not saying goodbye, you are just in another part of cyberspace.

African-American Brides said...

I'm a few weeks late, but I just want to say...
It's been awesome to dip into your blog over the last year or so. Thanks for sharing your journey. Good luck to the happy couple! :)


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