February 5, 2010

A Harborside Wedding - A Productive Cocktail Hour

Aaaah...the cocktail hour....

I love making sure that I use my time with friends and family wisely. Mr. Swan really wanted to attend our cocktail hour so that we could greet our guests, eat some of the great food we'd chosen for them, and enjoy the general good times. Our cocktail hour was what I like to call "productive". Here are some things that I did during our cocktail hour that not only made it productive, but most importantly FUN! Remember I've said it's totally necessary to have fun!

1. We greeted many of my guests especially those that I'd never met before.

2. I hugged friends both old and new... a lot.

3. I posed for pictures.

4. We made sure to get some laughs with our guests.

5. We watched our guests as they enjoyed themselves.

6. We took in some of the great sunny weather we had that day. Battery Gardens has a great patio area that was exclusively for our group.

7. We got our grub on with our guests. Well, actually, the Batterry Gardens folks set aside some food for Mr. Swan and me to make sure that we actually ate something before greeting everyone. Here's a sample of what our guests enjoyed (Did you think I was going to NOT show you food shots? Au contraire, mis amigos):

Lamb chops..I don't think I had one, but I heard that they were great.

Crab cakes, a classic favorite

A cheese station. Cheese is a must!

Our guests also got to chow down on a Mediterranean station with all the fixins'. Hummus, olives, baba ganoush, pita...oh my!

We had a relatively smaller wedding (compared to many) of only about 95 people, and I think we got to see almost all of our guests during the cocktail hour. I made sure I got the attention of some of the waiters to bring over some of the hors d' oeuvres. Um...hello! I was the one in the big white dress, so I figured they'd stop if I waved them over :) Yes, I know I am a bad bride, but I was HONGRY!

Yay for using our time during our cocktail hour wisely!

Swan Tip #12 - Another one of the most highly debated wedding issues: cocktail hour attendance. Attending was a great option for us. We got to spend even more time with our guests; enjoy the beautiful weather were were having that day; and eat. Who doesn't like eating? :) If you can find a way to attend even a small part of the cocktail hour, I highly recommend it.

All Images by Mr. Dante Williams, wedding paparazzo

How did we get to the cocktail hour already?!

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