February 24, 2010

A Harborside Wedding - BIL Swan's Revenge

One toast down and another to go...

BIL Swan gave our other toast, and boy was it a toast!
As much as I am sure he does not want me to write this, I didn't really find out that BIL Swan was one of the most consistent readers of my blog until his toast. I knew that the IL Swans read my blog, but I was pretty shocked to learn that BIL Swan is an avid reader. Et tu, BIL Swan? Really?

It turns out that BIL Swan probably has read my blog more than some of my good friends have!
Why the surprise on my part? Well BIL Swan is sort of the quintessential strong and silent type. He likes to get up at odd hours to fish. He likes beer. He's a guy's guy. That being said, apparently he didn't mind reading posts about things like fascinators and dress shopping. Who knew? BIL Swan, no worries. Your secret is safe with me (and the Weddingbee readers of course). ;)

As some background before I get into the details of the actual toast, I should say that Mr. Swan was the best man at BIL Swan's wedding the year before. He gave a pretty touching yet funny toast about BIL & SIL Swan, but it wasn't without some ribbing. Mr. Swan made some jokes about BIL Swan's younger days especially about his somewhat unhealthy relationship to a certain stuffed animal.

Mr. Swan showing off Teddy the Bear during his toast to BIL & SIL Swan
(I took this one)

Anyway, it was now BIL Swan's turn. After a few jokes about Mr. Swan's chosen career path (you had to be there) and a few other musings, I was getting a little nervous. I'm not gonna front. This was taking awhile. There had to be something to this....and there was.

It's getting hot in heeerrree, aint' it, Mr. Swan?

Yes, Mr. Swan, you're gettin' clowned.

Have you ever heard hilarious stories aout your FI as a child? My favorite until-that-moment unsubstantiated story about Mr. Swan was about his childhood desire to be an actor. BIL Swan made sure that everyone at the wedding would learn first hand about not only Mr. Swan's love of the childhood family plays that he headlined and directed but also his love of costume design. Yup...Mr. Swan liked to play "dress up," and BIL Swan had the proof.

Mr. Swan couldn't believe it. He had to see it for himself.

Notice the family cheering. Apparently, this is a well-known secret. I was just happy to finally get to see Mr. Swan's creativity.

For a second, I thought Mr. Swan was going to tackle BIL Swan. He restrained himself though. :)

I had to see it for myself too.

I couldn't stop laughing.

I wasn't alone.

So what were we laughing at? Well BIL Swan found a way to make a poster size collage of Mr. Swan in some of his best costume creations. I can't even figure out what some of them are supposed to be. Which one is your favorite? Also I want to make a shout out to MIL Swan for nurturing her very creative son and being Mr. Swan's co-designer.

(courtesy of BIL Swan)

BIL Swan also mentioned my participation as a blogger on Weddingbee. I was actually happy that BIL Swan did mention the 'bee since you all have been a huge part of my planning. He did say that it was a way of learning more about me since we live apart and that made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I was really glad that he also gave me (and everyone else) the biggest laugh I had all day.

Swan Tip #16 - Be careful if you give a toast at someone's wedding. It might come back to haunt you! :)

All images by Dante Williams, unless otherwise noted

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