February 18, 2010

A Harborside Wedding - A Toast & The Ugly Cry Revisited

After our first dance, we settled in to eat a little, but before too long it was time for our toasts. Our first toast was by Godmother Swan. Since we did not have a bridal party, we got a little creative with who would deliver our toasts for us. Godmother Swan has been a very special part of my life. She was a good friend of my grandparents when she lived in the Caribbean. I've never met any of my grandparents (most died before I was born or when I was a baby), so she has always been a living link to my maternal grandparents. She's also Mommy Swan's godmother and the grandmother of my goddaughter. Are you still following? Let's just say that while not blood related, she is like family to me.

Her toast was sweet, and I was glad to have been able to give such an honor to someone who has been like a second mother/grandmother to me all of my life.

There was a drawback though. I had made it all day without a major cry. Yes, I did make the cry face during the ceremony, but just a couple of tears rolled down my face.

I started out doing pretty well at the beginning of the toast. Then Godmother Swan started to read a cute little poem that my cousin wrote. My cousins were not able to make the trip from the Caribbean to be at the wedding. Since I grew up as an only child, my cousins are like my brothers and sisters. I was really disappointed that they couldn't make it, but before the wedding I had gotten over it. I knew there would be quite a few hurdles for them to be able to attend. I had accepted it. Right? NOPE! Enter the infamous poem.

It wasn't Emily Dickinson or Maya Angelou worthy, but as Godmother Swan read the poem it started to hit me that my cousins weren't there.

Hmmm..it's wasn't looking good. See the beginnings of the Ugly Cray Face?

Yep. I was getting worse.

Wait for it....

Yep, a full on sob. Oops! I feel like I had held it together enough though I felt a little embarrassed that I had like broken down like a little baby in front of so many people, a few of whom I'd never really met before. At least this time, I hid my face :)

I recovered, but I totally didn't expect my emotions to hit me during a toast.

Thanks, Godmother Swan!

Do you anticipate that any particular parts of the wedding will be emotional for you? Are you having someone special do a toast at your wedding.

Swan Tip #15 - (I screwed up my last post, which was supposed to be Swan Tip #14. Please forgive me. :)) Be prepared for your emotions to hit you when you least expect it.

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