March 19, 2010

A Harborside Wedding - The Swan Guest Experience

Luckily, our reception wasn't all about Mr. Swan and me dancing. I think our guests had a good time too because I think everyone managed to find a way to entertain themselves even if they weren't dancing.

With a relatively intimate wedding, we were able to talk to many of guests throughout the reception.

I got to meet a new friend, Baby L.

Mr. Swan and I ended up using the "Divide & Conquer" strategy for greeting our guests. Apparently you're supposed to do this together? Oops...

Our guests also took a look at BIL Swan's pictorial spread of Mr. Swan's greatest "dress up" hits. Remember that?

I liked the fact that many of our guests enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect with friends and acquaintances they had not seen in years because they came to our wedding.

Also don't be fooled. My guests can get down on the dance floor too!
The woman in the yellow dress is BFF Swan. I'm excited for her December wedding! Her dance partner is another friend from college.

There was lots of picture taking too. What's a wedding without pictures? Of course I haven't seen most of these. Bad move on my part. :( Definitely do a Flickr-like set up if you can a la Mrs. Lemon, Mrs. Cream Puff, and Miss Cheeseburger. Smart ladies!

One of the reasons I picked Battery Gardens was not only for the lightness and airiness in the room, but also for the fact that our guests would be able to spend some time outside enjoying the summer day...and they did! Our reception room had two balconies for our guests to enjoy.

We also made sure we to take group shots with our guests.

Here's Mr. Swan and me with my family.

So that's a taste of what our guests experienced during our wedding. Our guests got to have a low-key or a more active experience all in one reception.

Swan Tip #19 - Think about how your reception will be experienced from your guests' perspective.

All Images by Dante Williams

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Christa Terry said...

I see that first pic and I keep thinking "Someone is about to get wrapped!"

Chic.Personal.Fun said...

Yes! She's a sweety and was ready for a little nap.