March 1, 2010

A Harborside Wedding - Sure, We'll Eat Cake!

Yep, we surely ate cake, but definitely more of the miniature variety. As I mentioned before, we had a local baker, Keavy Landreth's Kumquat Cupcakery, provide a variety of lovely mini-cupcakes for the reception. Here's a look at the set-up:

More signs!

I figure the cupcakes should get their own close-up too.

I now stalk these cupcakes. If any of you NYers out there care to try some, Kumquat Cupcakery is usually at the Brooklyn Flea during the weekends. Let's just say I've been multiple times's too close to my apartment for me to resist. Luckily, the gym is close by too. :)

We had our DJ, Rob (more about him later), play one of Mr. Swan's favorite songs, Beyonce's "Single Ladies" while we exchanged cupcakes (Of course Mr. Swan will never admit to liking this song). Mr. Swan and I had to pick one of our favorites cupcakes to feed each other, which I will say was REALLY hard. Having tasted all of them before, I love them all.

Eeny meeny miney moe....

We did a little dance 'cause who doesn't want to dance to Beyonce?

Then we fed each other.

So remember when I mentioned it was sort of odd getting stared at walking down the aisle? Well, this was another time that I felt that way. After feeding each other, I looked over and saw a wall of people looking at us. Whoa! I guess I was just in my own world and forgot the whole center of attention part of the moment.

Plus, we wanted our guests to come over and have a taste for themselves, but no one wanted to budge. We waved them over and everything. Um, hello?! CUP-CAKES!!! You wouldn't have had to tell me twice. Since our guests wouldn't come to us, we went to them.

It was one of those unplanned moments during the wedding where we just improvised. Mr. Swan and I were handing out cupcakes to everyone. It was fun serving our guests for a minute.

After awhile I think they finally got the hint. ;)

Also we had some Coconut Passionfruit Mousse and petit fours just in case folks weren't into cake.

Swan Tip #17 - Savor the unplanned and spontaneous moments of the wedding!

All Images by Dante Williams, who got great details shots. Thanks, D!

We did other things besides eat cake. Check it out!

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