March 11, 2010

A Harborside Wedding - The Swans Shake a Tail Feather

We danced...and danced...and danced some more.

I will say that I was a little worried about the dancing portion of our reception. I'mma be real and say that I wasn't worried about my friends and family not getting down just some of our other guests. Then I just consoled myself by saying that at that point in the wedding it was going to be my job to make sure that I enjoyed myself and to not worry about whether other people would get out of their seats. I was going to make sure that I got my money's worth out of our DJ, Rob, who we met through DJ Gaza. Rob did a great job mixing much of the music that we (okay, I) requested with some of his own choices. I had given him a detailed document of "suggestions" of the genres and types of songs we wanted to have played (really they were "suggestions" not "must plays" although a few of those were thrown in). I was really glad to hear the things we wanted. I think everyone danced at some point during our wedding even if it was just for one song.

I thought I would post some pictures of Mr. Swan and me as we danced with each other and our guests.

I loved dancing with my family and friends.

This lovely lady I'm dancing with here is one of the reasons I'm married to Mr. Swan. We met at her wedding. We've been friends since we were 10 years old. If you can believe it, she's pregnant here wearing heels no less. Her son is the cutest little baby!

Do the Robot!


This looks like I was recreating one of the moves from my African dance class. Hmm...

This is one of my favorite pictures from the wedding. I wish I could remember the song that was playing at this moment.

Don't worry. Mr. Swan got down too.

Here he is with MIL Swan.

Mr. Swan also decided he needed a solo.

If you can't tell by now, I've married a ham :)

We even found a few moments to dance together.

Yep. We had fun, but our guests did too (more shots of them later). I hope that this post calms the fears of daytime brides who are hoping for dancing at their wedding. As with all things, it comes down to the people there and YOU, which leads me to Swan Tip #18 (Wow! That many!):

Swan Tip #18 - If you're sourpuss, then everyone else will be a sourpuss. The focus, whether you want it to or not, will be on you that day, and YOU will set the tone of your reception. Get out there and enjoy yourself! Your guests will follow suit.

All Images by the ever-talented, Dante Williams

It's okay if you missed something. Here's the rest:

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