May 12, 2009

Making It Up, Part 3 - The Choice is Yours

Props to anyone who can let me know artist of the song in the title of the post (no Google either!!)

So after sort of getting ideas of what I wanted to do with my makeup I decided I'd take the plunge and line up two makeup trials. In the end, they were both different experiences. One is a professional makeup artist who works in television; one does makeup as a side job. One was VERY late; one was on time to the minute. One seemed very skilled; one seemed skilled but not as much as the other. One used much more makeup on me; one used much less. For one, I was able to see her skills with airbrush, the other one I would not, which is hard because she intended to use it on the wedding day.  One felt like I was hanging out with my friend, the other was very sweet but I wouldn't say we could seriously chill (this is not a prereq for any wedding helper, but hey, it can't hurt, right?) 

So how did they both turn out? Before I show you, please let me preface this by saying that I am usually freaked out by wearing makeup AND lately I've been taking some really, REALLY bad pictures.

Contestant #1

Yeah...ummm...not my most photogenic here, but you get the idea right? I think the lipcolor will be slightly different the day of. Also just as a reminder, I will be having a daytime wedding so as an official "makeup fraidy cat," I asked for softer colors and nothing too dramatic.

Contestant #2

Okay, a friend would say "Miss Swan, you look kinda...extra." Yeah, I'm going to agree here..not because of the makeup job but because I look a bit dimented. I'm my own worst critic I guess. This makeup job was very subtle. 

I won't say which one I picked, but the choice is yours, Hive.


Anonymous said...

Black Sheep did "The Choice is Yours" I was just listening to it this morning on the way to work!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add... I went with #1. I could just be the lighting, but the colours blended better in choice #1. I'm the same way, I rarely wear make-up (I just fill in my brow and a little mascara). Love the neutral tones!