May 30, 2009

I Think I'm Gonna Cheat

Shh...Don't tell anyone!!

Don't worry...not on Mr. Swan! I think I might cheat on my hairstylist!  Hive, I don't know about you, but I always feel better after I've gotten my hair did. I also know that the person who helps care for my hair (and I'm sure yours) has to be someone you can trust or at least does a good job. I really like the women that currently do my hair, but I'm thinking about cheating on them for the wedding!

When I had my initial conversation with my current stylists, I wasn't exactly sure what to think. They want me to come in a month before the wedding to discuss possible styles. I'm kinda concerned about that time frame. Perhaps, it's the super planner in me, but that seems too close to the wedding. I feel like I need more time or at least an actual trial OR TWO to see what styles might actually work. 

I'm also wondering if I should see who else is out there and whether I should get a second opinion. I don't know if I should be staying with what I know or possibly cheating on them to make sure I've covered all of my bases. I am also particularly concerned because our late morning ceremony requires me to possibly do something to my hair the day before and work a little magic that morning. Essentially, I don't want to have a conversation about my hair, but actually see what's in store MORE THAN ONCE. 

Can you imagine that my hair is one of the few things stressing me out right now (well, escort cards and cupcake displays are bothering me too, but no one will be looking at those all day.)?

Is anyone thinking about  "cheating" on a stylist or other service provider that your regularly use as you prepare for the wedding? Am I being paranoid? It's not like I'm the first bride they've had come through their shop. 

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