May 9, 2009

Write Stuff Redux

As of this post, we are focused on paper  over here in the Swan household. We're in the process of sending out our invitations, and so I'll blog about some of our invitation elements starting with the outside of our invitations. 

Lemme be real, I'm not into paper. I think it's pretty, and I love seeing some of the beautiful custom letterpress creations out there. However, this was not an area of importance for us in the planning. Also being uncrafty and lacking time, I was surely not going to be making my own. 

As I mentioned before, I was surprised about how much I would be into calligraphy for our invitations. It was great to find Fran of Little Flower Calligraphy on Etsy, and she was great to work with. She answered all of my e-mails promptly and was super helpful in making sure that this process was as smooth as it could be given the fact we lived several states apart.  

When I came home from a work trip, I was ecstatic to find all of this beautiful calligraphy goodness. Here's a sample (since I am not Photoshop saavy and don't even have the darn thing, names have been blocked by little strips of paper..go me!)

(courtesy of me)

(me too)

A close up..sorry about the fuzziness.

(me again)

I'm really glad that I chose her Social Butterfly script. I wanted whimsical yet pretty, and I got it. I'm very happy with the results and can't wait to see how our escort cards turn out. 

Are you doing anything to add some special flair to your envelopes?


Mrs. Andi said...

That is a great font! I'm going to order colored envelopes, but regular letter size. They're going to have a quote on the back & the address on the front in some sort of nice font, I haven't decided yet.

erin said...

They look beautiful! Did you use inner and outer envelopes?