December 30, 2008

I Got Schooled

I have a confession to make: I'm not as enlightened about weddings as I like to think I am. Let me explain.

I had a major problem with dress shopping. Everything I saw was either too expensive; had just come out in the designers' most recent collection and unavailable in stores; or was a bit over the top for me. I am not into the princess look, nor am I really attracted to a lot of beading or crystals (although I think many women look beautiful in these looks). I did not really look forward to the dress shopping process and had been putting it off slowly, which in turn made me even hate it more.

Also I should let you know that as much as I like style and nice clothing, I don't pay for it. I don't own a pair of Jimmy Choos or Loubutins; I can't recognize last season's Prada. With NYC mortgage payments, student loans and a major love of travel and food, expensive clothes just don't make the top of the list of priorities for me. I find a way to still be pretty stylish though. People who compliment me on my clothing are surprised when I tell them it's H &M or Zara, so I guess I am doing something right. :)

Now about this whole wedding dress shopping thing... why did I not initially adopt this same m.o. for that? I coveted dresses that were way above my budget and felt this sense of hopelessness that I won't find THE ONE (if there even is a ONE dress out there for me).

Enter David's Bridal. I will admit that even though it's a great place to find a dress, I did not take it seriously as a place to shop. It was the first place I visited to try dresses since I knew I would I would find a dress in my budget range for sure. My first visit was pretty uneventful, and I had a great consultant who was helpful and sweet. BUT I still thought that David's was, well, the "Old Navy of Bridal Shops." (Please don't hate me, just being honest..this post gets better) Plus I had read so many negative experiences from brides who shopped there on various bride message boards. Yet David's is a great sources for many women who want their dream dress but can't afford the designer me.

Then right around Christmas time, I saw it online: the dress that I thought may just be it. I went; I tried it on and I loved it (minus some of the beading on it). I had yet another positive experience at David's. Then I thought about my previous attitude towards this store. Was I letting what too many bridal magazines and bridal TV shows love to tell brides, i.e., that more expensive is automatically better regardless of who you are? The more expensive the dress, flowers or invites is automatically the best choice for you? I was a little disappointed in myself. Even if it is the "Old Navy of Bridal Shops" perhaps David's Bridal would have my wedding dress.

I've realized that I can't count anything out during this process as it may be exactly what I am looking for. The local floral shop, home-based business, or Etsy shop may just be exactly what I want and need for this wedding, and you know what? That's okay. Sometimes you know these things, and you have to let your experiences teach you over and over again.

Anyway, thank you, David's Bridal, for schooling me.

(By the way, I ended up with the David's dress..I'll definitely blog more about it. Also I know that there are many less expensive stores and designers out there that are not David's Bridal. I encourage everyone to look high and low for what truly fits them and their budget.)

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