December 19, 2008

Venue Shopping #2 - Raw?

Raw space that is. One of the venue options we explored was using a raw loft space for our ceremony and reception. It's a popular option here in NY as there are many industrial buildings that have been turned into live-work residential loft and event spaces. Since Mr. CPF and I were looking to have our wedding in Brooklyn, we looked into Pochron Studios in DUMBO.

Pochron Studios's event space is wide open with white walls. For some people this is like a beautiful blank canvas; to me it's SCARY. I wish I was one of those people who could envision the amazing uses for a space like this. I'm pretty darn visual in that I need something to anchor my vision or idea. The great thing about a raw space is the ability to create any and everything that your imagination can conjure, but I need a bit more .

I will say that Pochron would be a little helpful in creating a great vibe than other loft spaces because of this:

This view is amazing! There is a lovely huge patio/terrace that is a great place to have a ceremony and cocktails. Here it is set up for a wedding (sans view):

At the same time I was still wondering if using a raw space was for me. I was jazzed by the view and thinking about the major challenge of a blank space, when I began to think about some of the drawbacks of this kind of space.

A minus for some people possible considering certain types of loft spaces is not having much space or equipment for a caterer to throw down and do his/her thang in the kitchen.

While Pochron gave us a list of caterers that were experienced in using this space, it was definitely something to think about for me.

In the end we decided not to go with Pochron because well...I think Mr. CPF and I are pretty lazy :) I knew that we really wanted to streamline the process of wedding planning as much as possible. The extra steps of thinking about decor, renting tables and chairs and finding a caterer were all a bit too much for us. While Pochron was definitely cool, we kept on truckin'.

Did you use or considering using a raw, simple or otherwise challenging space for your wedding? What were some of the benefits or drawbacks of these spaces?


amber and joe get hitched said...

hey....Kadija turned me on to your blog--i'm getting married in october! i love reading what you're going through too.

be glad you passed on pochron studios--we booked them a month ago, only to get a letter last week that they are shutting their rental studio in july! back to the drawing board in terms of venues!

Chic.Personal.Fun said...

Oh no! That's so sad to hear. Thanks for stopping by! I'll left K know that you took a look at the blog.