February 7, 2009


One of the first major decisions we made that really changed the course of planning our wedding was our decision to have a daytime wedding. Back in the day, I guess it was pretty common to have a morning wedding and proceed to a simple lunch or other type of reception. Of course everything about weddings seemed simpler then, didn't it?

The daytime option became pretty clear after Mr. Swan and I ran some numbers on one of his very nifty spreadsheets. At the same time, I thought "A DAYTIME WEDDING!" It's not the lovely (and common) Saturday night chic event that I originally envisioned. Yet it seemed to be a really economical way to keep our wedding reception costs in check. Mr. Swan and I made the decision, but I am still sweating it a bit.

My fears for having a daytime wedding were/are:

1. How the heck am I going to get ready in the morning particularly when dealing with my hair? - I am still working this one out in my head. At least with an evening wedding you have the luxury of having a full day to lounge and leisurely get ready. I think I see a 5am wake up call in my future.

2. It will be boring. - I know me and many of my friends will find a way to have fun on the dance floor, but I have to admit that apparently some people don't like to dance when it's light out. I'm just going to put this out of my mind and make sure that at least Mr. Swan and I have fun. I used to dance when I was younger, so even if it is just me on the dance floor at least I'll give everyone a good show. I've heard some people have daytime weddings simply to avoid dancing. I love dancing too much to do that.

3. What are people going to do later? - Since our wedding will be over by 4pm at the very latest, folks will have time to explore NY for the rest of the day. Many of Mr. Swan's family and friends are from out of town and do not have family and friends in NY, so we're in the process of figuring out a place for people to hang out that evening.

While having a daytime wedding definitely has it cons, I think our foresight to be budget conscious for the wedding from the beginning is allowing us to go to sleep peacefully each night.
Any other daytime brides worried about having a daytime wedding? Has anyone planned or been to a wedding that was not the usual night affair ? How was it?


Mrs. Andi said...

We are working on the same debate ourselves. The location we picked will be so beautiful in the evening, but I like the idea of the event in the early afternoon.

Never teh Bride said...

My wedding was held during the daytime, as it was outdoors and on the water. People did not, in fact, dance as much as they might have in the evening, but the upside was that all the kids went swimming! On the other hand, I've been to several daytime weddings held by friends, and people did dance at those that were held in indoor spaces where the lights could be dimmed a bit.

Chic.Personal.Fun said...

Thanks, all! I guess there is some hope for my daytime dilemma. I've been told that weddings take on the personality of the bride and groom, so if I'm in a party mood perhaps my guests will be also.

Also Mrs. A definitely take the plunge on the daytime wedding.

Anonymous said...

I seem to be in the minority. The last few day-time weddings I attended, while enjoyable, were very sedate and just lacked the all-out-party-fun time that evening events have.

They were also over from start to finish, ceremony to reception, in about 4 hours. I certainly see the pros for a day-time wedding fete, however. Much cheaper, for sure. And you're probably not as exhausted at the end of it!

Mrs. Andi said...

If you check out one of my recent posts, I put pictures of our venue. Once you check out our river view, I think the daytime is sold! It would just be sooo much prettier in the daylight. The bridges on either side are lit at night, but it's not all of our downtown skyline, so it wouldn't be a full punch. That & think of PICTURES!!!

Patti said...

Were having a daytime wedding too! An 11am start, with the reception ending around 4pm. Were serving brunch and fully expect it to be a fun and party atmosphere.

The hardest part is the day-of timeline. I am scheduled to get up really early! Were also having an afterparty later on in the evening at a local bar/lounge. The whole day is going to be a celebration!

Chic.Personal.Fun said...

Yes, I completely worry about the timelines aspect. Everything will need to be done super duper early. I am worried about falling asleep while my friend does my makeup! :)