February 10, 2009

Fun With a Scanner Gun

In two separate trips, Mr. CPF and I set up our registry at Crate and Barrel and Macy's. Yes, I know..big box chain stores, but with guests coming from all over the country (and the world for that matter), it made the best sense. By the way, if you want to see your fiancee get excited about household products, give him/her the scanner gun. Mr. CPF liked that part...A LOT. I was actually pretty surprised how much he got into choosing things likes towel and knives. It's nice when your significant other surprises you. 

I know that Mr. CPF hates shopping, so I made sure that this process would be as painless as possible. Since I aim to research the heck out of everything I made sure to: (1) think about our household lacks, (2) read and cross-reference many of the "suggested" checklists from a variety of sources, and (3) do a major reality check while I stared at our very small NYC apartment kitchen. 

I would also add that Mr. CPF is a pretty good check on me. While I am waiting for the day that I will get my huge hard-core stand mixer (that may still be a possibility), I will be appreciative of all of the extra space we'll have now. Mr. CPF shot me the "Are you out of your %#$# mind?"  look when I began whining about not having that amazingly huge mega-juicer. Ya gotta love it when your significant other can call you back from the edge of the household appliance abyss. 

In the end, we have a pretty full registry, but again the guilt is/was still there. Should we really be asking for anything right now? I will be happy if people even show up. If they decide that they would like to give us a present that would be lovely, but our guests remaining financially solvent is a nicer situation. Even with many of our registry items coming under$50 and given the collecive belt tightening that is going in our country, I can't say that registry process was all that easy in my mind. 

Was anyone else as strangely meticulous with their registry as me (or am I just a weirdo)? For those currently engaged are you even having a registry? Are you feeling the need to downsize or be more careful with your registry given the economy? 

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Mrs. Andi said...

We haven't hit the registry yet, I think we will give it a try this weekend. We're thinking of Target & possibly a home improvement store, like Lowes.

I know what you mean about being happy if people are even able to make it! But my mom is already trying to figure out who to invite...because she bought their daughter a present! Oy.