February 4, 2009


Not grooming for me, but for Mr. Swan. I have always been an advocate of a groom in a nice suit. Rented tuxedos with cumberbunds or vests have just never looked too right to me. On the other hand, in his last job, Mr. Swan had to wear a suit almost every single day. While I think my boo looks pretty sharp when going to work in a Brooks Brothers' business suit, I'm not sure if it's the same style we are aiming for for our daytime summer wedding. I took the liberty of collecting some pictures of snazzy looking grooms, and here they are. Any favorites?

I thought Mr. Swan would like something like this. Minus the bowtie. To my surprise he totally didn't. You feel like you know someone and Bam!

This guy looks pretty snappy, but I told Mr. Swan not worry about wearing any feathers on our wedding day.

Will anyone else break the tuxedo mold for their wedding?

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Mrs. Andi said...

Oooh, guys in suits are so nice! I wouldn't mind a nice suit either, but my Mr is thinking about putting him & his bro into tux's, just not the really formal ones. I think we'll go with the front vest or nice tie, not the 'bund.