April 12, 2009

For Love and Healthcare

I came across this article in a local paper, and its definitely a reminder of the times we live in. 

The funny thing is the idea of getting married for healthcare has crossed our minds here in the CPF household. As you may recall, Mr. CPF was laid off a few months ago. We've been chillin' with severance, but that along with healthcare will run out soon. COBRA is expensive (aaahh the frustrations of a recession!!), and a quickie City Hall wedding would have costs a little bit less than a COBRA payment.  We decided otherwise, but the temptation was strong. 

What I think this article speaks to though is the shift from the our collective thoughts about weddings particularly since the over the top "Platinum Weddings" have seemed to rule our imaginations and our television sets. I welcome the idea of people downsizing in life, but at the same time I think it's still okay to have a larger wedding full of people and good times...as long as you have the means to do so. To some our wedding will be all out, to others "normal," to some nothing special.  We're excited that we're going to be helping many small, local business owners. I think the only thing we can do now in these economic times is make the decision that's right for us whether that means the full dinner and dancing for 200 or the small intimate City Hall wedding. 

Do what's best for you under your circumstances! 

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