April 2, 2009

Well That Was Easy

Here it is:

My lovely wedding band. I was not as interested in wedding bands as I thought I would be. They started to look the same after awhile .

I knew I wanted: 

(a) thin
(b) nothing that would compete with my engagement ring
(c) nothing too expensive
(d) something I could wear by itself and still get a little sparkle in there

Blue Nile was quick and easy. Mind you, we did go to the store where Mr. Swan bought my engagement ring. I was not feeling the $2k plus large diamond kinda bands. Heck to the nah, y'all. 

Here's a pic of the two rings together (and a chipped nail..sigh):

(per me)

By itself

(mi foto)

What this part of the process did reveal to me is that I do not enjoy the parts of the planning that focus on me :) Thinking about food, invites, decor...fun. Jewelry, hair, makeup...oy vey! 

Has anyone been enjoying jewelry shopping and the other personal shopping aspects of the wedding? Good! I need to learn a thing or two from you :) 


Anonymous said...

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KimberlyMichelle said...

just wanted to say that I have that exact ring and ADORE it!