April 23, 2009

Making It Up, Part 2

As part of this makeup process, I've read that you should find inspiration pictures of sorts. Many people look to celebrities, so I thought I would do the same. Finding a celebrity who shares my complexion/shading was kinda tough. I had to really think about. Who'd I come up with?

Ms. Tia Mowry! I mean I guess she sort of is the same coloring as me. By the way, she's all grown up now. She's not the same little girl that used to be in "Sister, Sister" with her twin sister, Tamera. 

She's be married now! Here's a picture of her from her wedding last year. I like the make-up in this shot although the eyes may be too much for me (Yes, I know, I know...let me ease into this please). 

She's turned into a beautiful married lady. I thought her makeup here was nice too. I've recently been trying not to knock pink as it really can look good on me. 

Don't get wrong though. I still loves me so neutrals. There's something wonderfully natural about them. 

By the way, can we talk about the fabulosity that is her dress? It's a couture design by Kevan Hall.

Have you ever looked at a celebrity for a makeup cues or inspiration? I'm pretty new to this. 

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