April 10, 2009

Shall We Engage?

Some time after picking our photographer I began thinking about engagement pictures. Engagement pictures you may ask? I did not even know what they were until I started reading wedding blogs. I realize that I've never really talked much about my wedding helpers (the "vendor" word seems so distant to me) much less mentioned our photographer, Dante Williams

I really enjoyed our photographer search, and I'll definitely lay it out here. It may sound weird, but I always thought that Dante would be our photographer. I had discovered him while looking at the website of the wedding planning team from Always a Bridesmaid. Dante began his wedding photography by taking many of the detail shots from many of the weddings that they designed and coordinated.  I remember seeing a great picture of a couple near the Brooklyn Bridge. I immediately Googled Dante and loved much of what I saw. 

While taking pictures for the fun of it is not something I normally do, I've realized recently that Mr. Swan and I  have very few pictures together. Sad, isn't it? I thought it would be nice to have pictures from this special time in our life together. It also helps that it was part of the package that Dante offered (although now he no longer has set packages but can put one together for you). 

Here are some of the engagement pictures Dante has done recently that I've absolutely loved. Engagement pictures, anyone?


Mrs. Andi said...

I realized the other day that we have a TON of pictures of places we've seen & been to, but very few of us there together. I think I want "engagement" pics, but I hate to think about spending the cash to get them. I might try to bribe his brother to follow us around at a park or something for a day.

Chic.Personal.Fun said...

Good idea! If it wasn't included in our package, I'm not sure what we'd do.