March 25, 2010

A Harborside Wedding - A Piano Man Ending

Mr. Swan didn't make too many demands during the planning process except for one: "Piano Man." You mean the Billy Joel song, Mr. Swan? Yepper doo. Can I just say that I was happy to even know this song 'cause sometimes Mr. Swan whips out names of songs, and I give him a blank stare? Mr. Swan lucked out this time because I am very familiar with and like Billy Joel. Besides Billy is a New Yorker. :)

For those who aren't familiar with the song, here's a clip from 1975 of Billy Joel singing "Piano Man." I'm happy to say that this clip is older than me. :)

I'm sure you asking, "'Piano Man', but why?" Well, apparently during Mr. Swan's college days this song signified the end to one of the many basement frat parties that occupied Mr. Swan's weekend evenings. (That's a nice way of saying he partied a lot. I doubt I need to give you more evidence.) Don't front, you've all been to at least one of those kind of parties too. :) Apparently, this song has some significance to Mr. Swan's childhood friends too, so it was a no-brainer to have our DJ, Rob, play this song as we came towards the end of the reception. Besides, who am I to deny a group of grown men a moment to get a little sappy and sing at the top of their lungs? After graduating, playing "Piano Man" became a wedding tradition at many of the weddings of his fraternity brothers, so we continued the tradition.

As the bride, my job was to stand in the middle of the group while they sang, arms linked and all.

Then I was told I was supposed to start dancing with everyone, so I did! I think I must have danced with each man in that circle. I totally enjoyed connecting, talking and dancing with them all, especially since some of the guys hadn't been on the dance floor yet for the day.

I figured I should have some fun with this. I'm glad my partner did too.

I even got a chance to dance a little more with Mr. Swan.

After a few minutes, MIL Swan and Mommmy Swan joined in.

Check out MIL Swan & BIL dancing.

We weren't done yet with our reception. We still had a bit more partying to do...

Will you be incorporating any traditions into your wedding that have developed among your friends?

Well, this it it! My final wedding recap post! Don't worry. You haven't gotten rid of me yet. :) I still have a few wedding-related posts still left in me, and I'll roll those out before bowing out officially on Weddingbee.

Thanks for reading my recaps and allowing me to relive this day with you.

All Images by our great photographer, Dante Williams

Here's the rest of our wedding day journey:

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Cassandra Bromfield's Blogs said...

I hope you make a slide show using the song you and Mr. Swan are connected to. I scrolled down as the song was playing and can see it would make a great video.