March 17, 2009

Color Me Happy

I never thought I would be one of those brides that got into the idea of wedding colors...but I have! By the way, I have surprised myself with the things I've ended up caring and not caring about during this process, so I guess that I shouldn't be surprised again.

I knew that I wanted bold colors after deciding on our venue. Battery Gardens is a very stark white, light, airy place that uses all white linens. While I am sure that I could have brought in my own linens, I definitely wanted to have a bold color pop against all of that white. To me, bold became more important since we chose not to have a nightime wedding. It wouldn't make much sense getting lighting for a reception at 1pm, so I wanted our color choices to project brightness for us. I decided that whatever I chose I really wanted our colors to stand out.

Also at that time, one of the coolest weddings I'd ever seen online had a stark white with nice lime green accents that looked so simple and modern. I had even thought for second that I would use green or yellow and white as colors because I was seeing all of these inspiring weddings using them in such great ways. I was intrigued by contrasts (kinda like me and Mr. Swan, no?)

Then one day early on, I got inspiration from (of all places) a wedding magazine! It's probably the one thing that has inspired me from a wedding mag. What did I end up choosing? Drum roll......

Hot Pink & Orange

Okay, that text isn't really hot pink. I've actually had to train my eye to see that not all hot pinks are really hot pink (Yikes, I just wrote that, didn't I?) Some are more purple-ish and are closer to fuschia and some are like the pink above (Yes, I'm officially a weirdo). I knew that I wanted a deeper darker pink, which I have been able to find and distinguish (at least I'll finish this planning with some talents!).

Also just to let you know, I'm not a girly girl. I usually HATE pink, but not my rich, darker, bold pink that I'll be using. I guess the orange was not too much of a stretch since I've been incorporating it into our home decor. Needless to say, Mommy Swan gave me a look when I mentioned the colors, but she tends to do that. :) I definitely have had some reservations about my choice at some moments, especially since I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I figure why not be bold?

If you can't visualize what these colors may look like together here's a great inspiration board incorporating them together courtesy of this here lovely blog.

Unfortunately, my dress is not that fabulous :) I'm completely feelin' those shoes (too bad I'm wearing flats).

Anyone else color-obsessed?


African-American Brides said...

I think that's going to be BEAUTIFUL. We had a bride with a similar color scheme - tangerine and fuchsia, I believe- and it was lovely!

Special K said...

Love the color choice! Actually, I recently wore those two colors together after reading about how little Sasha wore them so well at the inauguration (you can find lots of pics of her cute pink and orange ensemble). They are great!

Chic.Personal.Fun said...

Thank you, ladies!

My FMIL mentioned Sasha wearing it at the inauguration as well, Special K. So far I've gotten some good feedback on it...surprisingly even from Mommy CPF.

I just got my invitation proofs so I'm excited about he look.