March 25, 2009

Semper Ubi Sub Ubi

Translation: Always Wear Underwear

For those of you who are dorky like me, a former geek who studied six years of Latin, you'll know that that is the most incorrect Latin ever.  Don't ask me what actual Latin is 'cause I couldn't tell you at this point. 

Anyhoo....I started down the path to cheesiness so that I could talk about my undergarment shopping experience. Like many NYC brides I went to Bra*Tenders in Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan, and I have to say that what I've read about the store was correct. The lovely woman who helped me (I'm soo sorry that I am now blanking on her name, which is a shame because she was so knowledgeable). She looked at me and pretty much knew what size I was. No measuring tape, i.e. MAD SKILLZ, yo! Aaaahhhh my size...well let's just say that the statement that most women are not wearing their correct bra size is indeed correct! What size am I? That I will not reveal, BUT I will say that I never even knew that my size existed! 

I was told that while I am lucky to be relatively slender, I am what's called "full breasted" (I guess I can't deny that). Most American makers of bras assume that if you are "full breasted" that you are also full-figured or have a wider back. Au contraire...Apparently women in the UK and other parts of Europe have a wider range of bra size options than we do. Boo Victoria's Secret! (Hmmm...maybe the lack of size options is the secret.) Dear American bra makers, give us more choice! 

After all of these deep revelations, I splurged on two bras AND a bustier for my gown. I rationalized by reminding myself that when you find something that will help you look great you shouldn't hesitate too much if it's within your budget. Plus, Mr. Swan has been hearing me complaining about bra shopping way too much in the past year, and I knew he'd be pleased (he was). 

(not my bustier but still cute, look here for source)

Now the million dollar question is whether I should buy Spanx or something like that (I don't really think I have a pooch though). Hmm...

I'm not the only one who's had a good Bra*Tenders experience. 

By the way, ladies out there with fuller cup sizes, take a look at UK designer, Fantasie (please don't count it out based on the spelling).



erin said...

Do you have to take a picture of your dress with you? I don't have a picture of the back, which might be helpful??

Chic.Personal.Fun said...

As usual for me, I FORGOT my picture at him, BUT I was able to show the front and back of the dress on the website. Does the designer have a website that provides that option?