March 22, 2009

The Write Stuff

Let's put this next topic in the "I didn't think I would really care about this for my wedding" category: calligraphy.

For the "streamlined, cut out everything not necessary" bride like me, I should be getting our computer printer ready for some lovely mailing labels. Yet there I was about a month ago looking and practically salivating over calligraphy options for invitations. 

"Is calligraphy necessary? Heck no! Will your invites be welcomed by open arms by your guests? But ofcourse!" This was my internal dialogue as I realized that I really wanted this item for our wedding, and I began the search for affordable calligraphy options.

I went to one of my new favorite sites, Etsy, and searched through pages and pages of lovely calligraphers. I knew that I wanted the look to not be too frilly and formal since that would not fit our daytime, bright-colored, modern wedding. I wanted something that was maybe a bit more whimsical or contemporary than something with a ton of scripty flourishes (nothing wrong with that by the way). 

I finally found Fran of Little Flower Calligraphy through Etsy. I feel in love with the quirky yet pretty Social Butterfly script below. I found her prices to be fair, and since we are not going crazy on the invitations I was pretty excited that we could afford her. 

Now I am the first to remind myself that I am probably the only one who will even care that we will have specially hand written envelopes, but come on. I should be allowed to have the bridal genes kick in sometimes, no? :)

For the marrieds and the planners out there, was there anything surprising that you realized you wanted for your wedding during the course of the planning? 

Does anyone have a favorite calligrapher? 


erin said...

If you can fit it into the budget, I think calligraphy looks so much nicer than regular labels. Also, for us, we didn't know how we'd find labels that would look okay on our envelopes which are eggshell-colored. I thought about clear labels for a second but quickly discarded that idea!

Mrs. Andi said...

Oh!!! I found a GREAT DIY post about this that I'm going to use. The bride-to-be found her own super easy way of doing this herself. She printed on the envelope in a color very close to the actual envelope color & then went over it with the ink & pen. It was cheaper than hiring somebody & easier than trying to do it herself with no training.