August 18, 2009

A Little Detail

Okay, it's actually a major one: my dress!

I decided not to blog about my dress before the wedding because I never know when Mr. Swan is lurking around here. :)

Here it is:

As you can see, it's a mermaid style dress with a train and a little asymmetrical twist, aka David's Bridal ML9521. Part of me wished it didn't have the train, but it did make for a pretty cool bustle. My lovely seamstresss, Ann Hamilton, and I ended up calling my bustle a "Super French" bustle since it looked like some pretty French dessert by the time she finished creating it.

Ofcourse I also didn't want my dress to have any beading either, but there was some beading on the neckline and on the left hand side at the hip.

I don't know what it was, but shopping for dresses in my price range often led me to dresses with beading when I was trying desperately to get away from them. Hmm..conspiracy maybe? :)

In the end I really didn't like the wedding dress shopping process for a variety of reasons which I'll perhaps talk about. I even had doubts about my dress. A train and beading during the day? It seemed like a lot to me, and it was definitely not what I envisioned. I even thought about whether I should have gotten another dress, but I couldn't justify spending anymore money.

Speaking of money, I am glad that I stayed the course with my dress because, well, it was a very cost conscious choice. We came slightly under budget with our wedding, and I believe (actually I KNOW) that having a less expensive dress really helped. I'm not gonna front though...I really wished I could have had a beautiful Jim Hjelm or any other designer dress. I have definitely drooled over some of the dresses I've seen here on Weddingbee from both bees and readers. In the end though, my dress accomplished what I wanted it to: I felt pretty :) I guess that's all I can ask.

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