August 24, 2009

A Tale of a Hair Trial - Hmmmm..... (Part 2)

Remember how my first hair trial was more of a rough draft?

Well, I went back for a more formal hair trial that would allow me to see how the style would look on my actual wedding date. That meant that my hair needed to be washed, the roots retwisted and then styled. (By the way, I am sure that many of you can't visualize what I am talking about here, so I'll post more about a typical hair appointment for me another time). In other words, I needed a full out hair appointment.

Unfortunately, my formal hair trial was not the visit that I wanted. I don't really ask for much when I go to the hair salon. I just want someone to do a good job, not make me wait forever and not have it cost a ton of money that I don't have. I just wanted to be able to have some time with my stylist to have some discussion with her and to make sure we were both on the same page. The problem with my appointment: she kinda quadruple booked herself for that time period! I know that I was the first person she booked for that time frame because I made my appointment a week earlier, and she was apparently completely free then! The result was way too much waiting and a very distracted stylist who really had no time to talk to me about what we were going to do.

Anyway, I managed to take a pic or two of the front portion of my hair after she was done.

I don't look so happy here (I REALLy wasn't happy).

It looks a lot different than the last time, huh?

One top of it all after some discussion, my stylist thought that the best thing to do was to have me come to the salon the morning of the wedding when in actuality it was much easier for both of us to just have her come to the hotel room that morning. Remember, my lovelies, I had a late morning wedding, so everything had to happen early and on schedule. Plus, I was staying in Manhattan very close to the wedding whereas her salon was in Brooklyn and NOT close to the wedding at all.
To make it all work, we would have needed to be at her salon at 6am at the latest. Being the New Yorker that I am, I don't have a car; finding a taxi that early in the morning is a pain; and getting back into Manhattan for makeup and everything else I needed to do that morning just wasn't realistic. If I had had an evening wedding, this would not have been a real problem; however, this kind of plan for a late morning wedding with pictures beforehand just was not going to cut it.

So after all of that, I left the salon a bit peeved and stressed out about a week before the wedding.
Stay tuned for how it all went down in the end...
Were the logistics of your hair and/or makeup trials as frustrating as mine?

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