January 20, 2010

A Harborside Wedding - Gearing Up

At this point, I should probably introduce some people that will be in a whole lotta pictures going forward. I present to you, La Familia Swan.

From left to right: SIL Swan, BIL Swan (Mr. Swan's brother), Mommy Swan, I think you know what we look like now; MIL Swan and FIL Swan. There is a Daddy Swan, but he didn't make it. That's another post.

After our little mini-photoshoot, we finally made it to Battery Gardens to meet up with the family, take some portraits, and take a breather before the ceremony started. We decided to take care of a little bit of important business: getting all the proper signatures for the marriage license. I figured we should make sure that we are actually married after all that planning, ya know?

BIL Swan started off.

Mommy Swan was our other witness and signed next.

Mr. Swan and I realized that we actually had to sign too! Oh, that's right....

Mommy Swan was looking at our small present to our mothers: a framed copy of one of our engagement pictures. Yeah, un poco narcissistic? Maybe. I think they appreciated them though. The woman dressed in the robes is Rev. Dease, our minister. I loved the fact that we had a female minster marry us.

By the way, these pictures are in the "bridal suite" of sorts that Battery Gardens, our venue, set up for us. It's a partitioned area of their main floor. It's a nice space and pretty comfortable for our very small group. They also had lots of goodies for us too.

Then we waited........

I will say that we started late. On purpose! With our late morning start, we figured that we would give folks some extra time to get there. Also we were missing some members of my family, especially one who was going to do our ceremony readings. After lots of slightly frantic phone calls and parking mishaps, we got them there! Unfortunately, that was after I had small crying fit. Yes. I cried. Miss "Don't Stress About Your Wedding" had a moment. I guess it was inevitable, right? It lasted for five minutes, but I still had my meltdown. Luckily, in the middle, I got it together and stopped crying; and yes, it was in part because I thought I was going to jack up my makeup :) No seriously, just as we decided to start the missing family arrived and got seated. Crisis averted.

Swan Tip #7 - I'm going to dispense some tough love: Everything is not going to go smoothly on your wedding day. If you have to break down, it's okay. When that starts, just listen to Mrs. Swan's voice in your head, "There's no wallowing at weddings!" (There's no crying in baseball either, just in case you were wondering.) :)

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