January 5, 2010

A Harborside Wedding - Puttin' It on at the Ritz, Dress & Shoes Edition

Okay, hair and makeup done!

Now I actually had to put on THE dress. I am usually someone who likes to put clothes on by myself. How about you? However, this is in fact a wedding, and so the rules of everyday life are suspended for several hours. That's why I had two people helping me get dressed. One you may remember is Mommy Swan. Who is the very diligent woman working the zipper? That's Christine Viola of Exquisite Affairs Productions, my day-of coordinator. Christine was super helpful helping me get dressed, making sure I stayed calm that morning and most importantly if there were any issues, I surely didn't know about them.

Okay, is it me, or does it look like we're struggling to get this dress on me? I can say with all of the traveling that I did the months leading up to the wedding I didn't really get the opportunity to work out like I would have liked. Traveling and wedding planning made me a lazy lady. Don't worry, my seamstress just made sure my dress wasn't going to slip if I had to dance to "Jump Around" by House of Pain, but I did have to suck in my stomach a little. Ooops! At least I'm honest, right? :)

Whatcha lookin' at, Dante? :)

Everything was going fine until I realized that I forgot something. I'm Forgetful Jones' daughter, so it's no surprise to me that I couldn't find, or as I like to say "misplaced", a piece of my wedding outfit.

Once we found the missing item (I think it was a bracelet), I started sorta laughing at Mommy Swan. Don't joke around with your Momma especially when she's dressing you like a 2 year-old. You see, Mommy Swan thought I was a delicate, little bride while she was putting these on me:

Well, I did say that I wanted flats. For those of you who have worn lace up gladiator-like sandals you know you can't be cute when you're tying them. If all the blood had to drain out of my feet, it was going to happen. Those bad boys were staying on my feet on my wedding day no matter what!! Mommy Swan was being a little too gentle for my tastes, so I decided to take over and brutalize my ankles. Aaahhh....what we do for fashion...

See, Mommy Swan, I had this under control...Muah!

Now give me a hug...
So you'd think I was ready at this point.....NOT!! Wanna see how many people can fuss with a veil? Stay tuned.

Before I forget:
Swan Tip #3a - Don't be afraid to accept help on your wedding day (and not just to get ready), even if you think you can do it by yourself. Allow yourself to be helped and even pampered a bit. You don't get married everyday (at least I hope you don't:)).

Swan Tip #3b - Know when to step in and take charge if you need to, but also remember Swan Tip #3a.

Swan Tip #3c - Make sure your dress fits...HA!

All images by Dante Williams, The Great.

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