January 3, 2010

A Harborside Wedding - The Makeup Fraidy Cat Has Her Day

I think each bride has something that they struggle with during the wedding planning process. For me, it was dealing with my various hair issues. Remember that? Luckily, my hair turned out better than I could have expected. Even makeup had initially rattled me. As much as I try, I am still in my early 30's and can't get beyond a makeup regimen consisting of slathering on some lip gloss with occasional lip liner (and the liner is on a good day!). I had two makeup trials, and settled on Ellen Bodkins of Ellen B Makeup. Actually, a Weddingbee reader suggested Ellen, so thanks as usual, Hive.

I was laughing at this point because for some reason when we're together Ellen and I gab A LOT. Ellen is sort of like your fun girlfriend that you talk and laugh at just about anything together but at the same time she's a whiz with makeup. Don't a bad combination! Our rapport made getting my makeup done stress free and lots of fun.

At this point I'm actually looking like I can handle this makeup thing. :)

And on went the lip gloss! I actually ended up supplying the lip gloss after testing a few different options during our trial (By the way, have a makeup trial even if you're just doing your makeup yourself! I know I'm being Captain Obvious, but it does make a difference). We used my very own MAC Lipglass in Liqueur, in case you're wondering. At least I can claim some kind of makeup know-how.

Ellen put on some mascara after adding eyelash extensions. She was super quick and organized, so I was amazed that she was almost done at that point. By the way, I wish my eyebrows looked that good everyday. I try, but they never come close!

I forget what we were saying to each other here, but Mommy Swan and I must have been joking about the fact that this is the most makeup that I'll probably ever wear in my life! :)

I was really happy that I chose Ellen even if I ended up spending a bit more than I had intended in the makeup area. I found that sometimes that's okay, especially when you can account for it in other parts of your budget.

That's definitely a part of Swan Tip #2: Sometimes choosing a vendor shouldn't come down solely to cost. I valued not only being able share a good working relationship with vendors/wedding elves that I hired, but also being able to work with people that I truly liked. Plus, if you're going to be around someone that's not family or friends on your wedding day, why not have someone you think is pretty cool too?

All images by the great Dante Williams

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