January 24, 2010

A Harborside Wedding - We Shall Proceed....

and continue to rock the mike! That's a hip hop reference. Anyone? Anyone? I haven't hit you with one of those in awhile :)

It was time to make the grand entrance into our ceremony. I felt a little bad that we let our guests wait a little in the bright morning sun. We had orange hand fans for them to beat the sun.

Before we get to our processional, I want to say a few words about our ceremony music. As I've mentioned before, I am from the Caribbean and was searching for a way to incorporate that into our wedding. Being from the English-speaking Caribbean, there aren't necessarily different traditions associated with weddings (at least none that I could think of...although there are some great cakes, but I digress.). What better way to incorporate a little Caribbean culture than a steel band? Mr. Swan told me yesterday that when I said I was getting steel drummers to play our ceremony, he thought it was going to be a couple of dudes kinda doing their thing. Nope!

I was really happy to have the Grace Steel Ensemble there because they all go the church that I attended growing up. Of course when I went there, they didn't have this. Bummer.. :( They play both secular and religious music, so it worked out well as they have a variety of songs in their repertoire. For our procession, I had them play Bach's Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring.

First out of the gate was our minister, Rev. Dease.

Then Mr. Swan made his last walk a single man.

MIL and FIL Swan came next.

They took their place next to Mr. Swan, Rev. Dease and BIL and SIL Swan who were already standing at the front.
Since we didn't have a wedding party, we decided to have our immediate family stand up with us. In a way, I really like this idea because it emphasized the joining of our two families.

Then it was my turn with Mommy Swan. Mommy Swan made sure that we waited a bit after the IL Swans made their entrance. Something about dramatic effect..um, okay :)

One thing that I didn't realize was how weird it was to walk down the aisle. Err...come again, Mrs. S? Yes, indeed. No one tells you that it feels kinda odd getting stared at. I mean, I knew I was getting married, but did everybody have to look at me :) ? I usually don't feel odd being the center of attention but walking down the aisle definitely was one of those times.

Also nobody told me the aisle runner would bunch up like that. Oops!

When we made it to the end of the aisle, Rev. Dease began with a short invocation.
We also did the whole "presentation"/"giving away" thing. Not my thing and not my style. I fought back and lost this one. Oh well.

I turned to give Mommy Swan a hug. It was finally time to let go.

And there you have it.....Mr. Swan and I were FINALLY ready to get married.

Swan Tip #8 - There will be traditions that actually might end up a part of your ceremony and reception that you're not going to like. Know when to push back and when to let go.

All Images by Dante Williams

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