January 17, 2010

A Harborside Wedding - Just the Two of Us

Mr. Swan and I were finally together and used some time before the ceremony to have a mini-photoshoot. We got a chance to take lots of purty pictures of ourselves. I wasn't sure if we ended up with enough. Actually how much is enough really? I've been going back and forth about this. As much as I love wedding photography (and Dante, my photographer), I didn't want our wedding day to turn into too much of a photoshoot. I guess since we did do our photos before the ceremony and since we had a late morning start, there was really only so much time we could spend in front of the camera. Sometimes I wonder if we should have taken more pictures, but I feel like we did enough. I know Mr. Swan's patience can be a little um....short...and I think we might have reached his limit anyway. This post contains some of my favorite pics of the two of us.

We mosied down the promenade in Battery Park and figured we'd just let things unfold from there.

It was such a clear morning that you could see the Statue of Liberty pretty easily.

After a few moments on the promenade we looked for a little more shade.

There is this cute little contraption (for lack of a better word) in the park that makes chiming noises when you step on it. I had a little fun with it. I guess I had a lot of energy that morning. :)

Then we switched into fashion shoot mode.

Being so close to Lady Liberty, we just had to take a picture with her. :)

Swan Tip #6 - Our wedding photoshoot was fun. While I agree it's important to have pictures of the two of you, your bridal party, etc., just make sure that you use your time wisely with your photographer as well as make sure that you stick to a timeline to keep the events of the day moving.

All Images by the wonderful Dante Williams

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