June 11, 2009

Absolutely Fascinating

I am like Miss Mary Jane. Wearing anything on my head sort of weirds me out. I was kinda dead set against any kind of veil when I first started planning my wedding. You remember when that David's Bridal consultant put a veil on me, right? I've never been someone who wears hats or baseball caps primarily because they just don't fit over my hair in its current or past versions. 

I was definitely looking for an alternative to a veil and then was inspired by homegirl, Keisha over here:

I don't think that everyone can pull off a fascinator, but why not try it? I liked the look because to me it seems to free you from the constraints of a veil if you're not sure about the tradition. At the same time, you gotta be totally diva-esque or just plain confident to pull some of these off. I wasn't completely sure if I fell into this category, but I started to do research...gotta love the research! 

Like I said, I feel like ya gotta be extra diva for something like this one:


Cosette headpiece of Feathers & Frills of Etsy

I so wanted to be one with this headpiece/fascinator because it's just so fresh. Alas, there were too many feathers involved for me. I can't put my finger on it, but I'm not totally attracted to feathers.  Plus I think that this would look great with an extremely simple dress and while mine comes close I think this piece would have been a bit much. I could totally see this with a short simple dress. 

These two from Artikal below are fun and tres modern, but again I was feeling the "I need to be able to pull this off" pressure. 

I can easily say that I was in some serious love with this dramatic headpiece from Portobello.

I love that this is both simple yet intricate all at the same time. I love the pearls and rhinestones (although I don't have anything remotely close to a pearl anywhere in my wedding outfit). I decided against this headpiece in the end, but someone please get this and show me pics!

What do you think I should look for in a headpiece? What do YOU look for in a headpiece? 

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erin said...

Have you checked out Brideshead Revisited's website? They specialize in veils but also have great silk flowers and things.