June 6, 2009


Well I recently got my hair done, and I decided that I won't cheat after all on my stylist. She brought up my wedding before I even did at my last appointment. I've already told her that I will be stalking her the month of July so we can try to figure something out. At this point, I am going to just relax. She did tell me that I better be looking at pictures of styles that I like. Yes, Ma'am! 

I think I have definitely been moving towards wearing my hair up. Here are a few styles that have been striking my fancy:

I'm sure you remember my favorite old standby. This one really is one of my favorites for its simplicity:

I can also just simplify the updo it a bit too! (although this is probably more complicated than it appears.)


I like this one below because there's a kind of bang going on. I have a big 'ol forehead, and I think I look best with something framing my face.


I usually don't like my hair completely up and back because sometimes it can look a bit severe for me. I think this one is pretty nice though. It seems like like locs were braided together and then pinned up. When she takes her hair down and loosens the braids, it will look crimped like my profile pic to your right.


My stylist has also told me that I don't have to look solely at loc styles either. She can copy something with straightened hair for me. 

Here's one that's definitely pretty :

Are you wearing your hair up, down or some other way for your wedding? 

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