June 23, 2009

Au Naturale

As promised I thought I would show you all some great styles for women of color with natural hair (meaning no chemical straightening). I know that when I started to wear my hair this way WAAAAY back in the mid 90's there were really not t0o many options or places to look for these styles. My how times have changed, and I'm glad to see it! When I'm good and ready to chop off my locs and start fresh, I'm going to need some inspiration. Why not start now, right?

I like this first one the best. These are very small twists that are twisted on the head in a similar manner as cornrows (except they're twists..I hope this makes sense). I think this is totally beautiful, elegant and different.

Here are some other variations of this style.
In this case the ends are twisted together and released to produce a crimped look.

This is a similar style with two strand twists shaping the face. Again those are actually small twists that look like cornrows.

I think I would rock this style below whether I was getting married or not.

More twists except this time hair extensions are added for length as well as to make the style last longer.

Ofcourse for years, my hair was a variation on one of these two styles below. These are much more spruced up versions.

OR Something like this (which usually was a precursor to the one at the above left):

I didn't even get into braids really. Maybe I'll save that for another post. I hope this was helpful to some of the au natural brides out there!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Terr-bear,

Are you gonna rock style #1? And how would that work with thicker locks? I know whatever you choose will be gorgeous!