January 24, 2009

An Epic Week

This was an epic week. A new era started with a new President and First Lady. Based on many of the interviews, I've seen with Michelle and Barack Obama, I will say that they seems to have a a warm and loving relationship. Go New First Family!

Living during this historic moment in American history made me think about the people who came before us and how America has changed quite a bit (although there is still tons more room for improvement) particularly as it relates to Mr. CPF and me. You see, Mr. CPF is of Italian and English ancestry, and I am of Afro-Caribbean descent (throw in some Carib Indian and European ancestry, and you're all good). Years ago we would have barely even socialized much less married each other. Thanks to people like Mildred and Richard Loving, we have the right to be legally married (and unfortunately because of acts like Prop 8 in California, we all cannot marry who we wish). Their landmark Supreme Court case, Loving v. Virginia struck down anti-miscegenation laws throughout the country. Without what they went through, Mr. CPF and I would not be here today. 

Thinking about how we have overcome our collective past makes me excited about our future. 

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