January 14, 2009

Oh Snap! This is For Real

Today was a big day in the wedding planning process for me and Mr. CPF.  We sent our Save-the-Date email with a link to our wedding website. I'll have more to say about Save-the-Dates and wedding websites in other posts, but for some reason I was scared to send out the Save-the-Date e-mail. 

I think so much of the planning so far has been pretty internal. I'm not the most talkative person, I guess..okay, fine, at least not about the wedding. :)  I love reading things online about women who spend whole conversations telling family and friends every detail of their wedding 'cause it's just not me.  It's not that I am not excited about this; I just don't want our wedding to be the center of my life or dominate every conversation I have until August. I'm pretty okay with the idea of talking about the inauguration, football playoffs or a new restaurant opening. 

Despite this I think I was a bit apprehensive because this is still a very public thing we are doing. I know in the realm of weddings we all judge something whether we admit it or not. Am I afraid of being judged? Maybe. Perhaps I'm worried that something isn't right or that there is a glaring imperfection on the website. Am I perfectionist? Sometimes. 

It's hard to just put yourself out there, and I think today I gained a new found appreciation for the public aspect of what we are doing.  The Save-the-Dates took all of this thinking and planning from the abstract to the totally real, and I guess there is no going back now.

At least  Mr. CPF and I are putting ourselves out there together. 

For those the married folks/those planning, did you or have you had this moment?

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