January 18, 2009

Making a Run for the Border Instead?

I just had to share this wedding  because I think it shows that anything goes for weddings. If I was going to have a wedding/reception at a chain restaurant, the foodie in me would go to Cheesecake Factory or P.F.Chang's. :) 

One of the things that struck me the most in the article about this wedding was one of the reasons cited for doing it at Taco Bell: "there was no stress." I have not really addressed wedding stress (if there is such a thing..okay there is...who am I trying to kid here?) yet because so far this process has been 95% un-stressful as we get close to the half-way point in our engagement. Some of the situations I read on the internet with brides stressing out would definitely push me to make a run for the border or to Taco Bell if I were them. 

Some of the prime culprits of wedding stress to me seem to be:

1. Family and Family Expectations: I know FMIL CPF and Mommy CPF are reading, so I will make sure to say that they've been really nice to us during this process. They've really let us define what we'd like this wedding to be thus far, and I appreciate them for that. Our extended families are just as low-key (thanks all!).

2. Bridal Party Drama - We're not having a bridal party, and stress avoidance is NOT the reason we've chosen to do this. I've definitely read some crazy stuff about brides causing their bridesmaids grief, asking for a lot personally and financially or just plain cattiness. I think what's key is just remembering the friendship and support reasons for the bridal party.  Your friendship/family relationship should be able to survive a wedding. 

3. MONEY - who pays, who doesn't pay and why. I can't say that this is not a part of the wedding planning process. Money and family/relationship dynamics are always going to be around, so you might as well start to deal with them. 

4. Self-Imposed Expectations - I don't have many expectations for myself for this wedding. As long as I show up and am mentally ready to be joined to Mr. CPF, then I think things will be alright. As I said before, I am NOT a DIYer. There will be no long nights folding paper or learning floral design. I hope that there will be even more happy days than the wedding in the future, so it doesn't have to be "the best/most important day of my life." I'm just trying to keep my eyes on the prize here. 

My M.O./mantra for wedding planning has been: "I REFUSE to be stressed out about this." I have remained pretty firm about that. The only wedding drama I want to be anywhere near is on the days I choose to watch "Bridezillas" (and even that gets me a bit antsy..good lord some of those women need help!)

If anyone has advice on how to handle wedding stress, please let me know. I'd love to hear it. 


Mrs. Andi said...

Hi fellow bride! I found you through A Practical Wedding on Meg's blog! I can tell you that we've had our own share of stress too, but it has been a big help to work on this together. We knew from the beginning that this was part of our journey together, decisions & all. I go crazy, he helps tone me down. Or he gets too laid back & I get him excited about things again!

Chic.Personal.Fun said...

Thanks for stopping by! Mr. CPF has been a great partner in all of this, and I think that's definitely key. I think you and your partner both have it right about seeing this as a part of something you'll both experience together. Please keep stopping by. :)