January 4, 2009

Keeping It Short & Sweet

I love the idea of breaking rules if you can when it comes to weddings, and to me one of the best areas to do this is with a bride's dress. I think it's perfectly fine to explode the wedding paradigm here. I was completely thinking about a shorter style since Mr. Swan and I will be having a daytime wedding in August heat. At this point, while I know the dream of many women is a big princess dress, I sometimes wish I had the guts to go the short or tea-length route. Plus, after at one point harboring feelings like there is no dress out there for me, I really wanted to pull a Carrie Bradshaw (or at one point, Miss Mary Jane) and rock a cute suit. Alas, my dress is something long and floor length.

Another push away from a short dress is that I think they require some pretty badass shoes particularly heels. I would love to do that, but I plan on wearing flats. Mr. Swan is pretty close to me in height. While it does not usually bother me, I'd love for us to be the same height on our wedding day. ;)

I'm really feeling what I am seeing from designers as they offer more options in dress lengths for those brides willing to take a bit of a risk. Here are a few of the new tea-length and short styles that many designers are currently offering for their upcoming seasons.

I like the sexy and sweet options here. Go ahead, Ms. Amsale. These are super hot!

Here's something sleek and chic from Priscilla of Boston. This is being dubbed a "reception dress."

I think these dresses are an interesting sampling of what's out there. I hope we'll soon see more options for dress lengths and necklines in the future.

Anyone out there thinking of short or tea-length dress? Do it!!!

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Soo Mi said...

hey girlie! i think you'd look absolutely beautiful in anything you wear. and, honestly, if you think about it, women used to get married in their "sunday best" dresses, so there really shouldn't be any set style. you'll rock whatever you wear!