January 1, 2009

Wedding Resolutions

Happy 2009! 

A healthy, happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year to all. 

I love the beginning of the year. It holds so many possibilities and that's exciting. It provides us with the potential to start anew, and who doesn't like that? Many people like to do resolutions. I used to do them, and well....let's just say those were not super successful. It's not that I didn't follow-through on them, but I think they didn't force me to make the lasting change that I wanted. 

Now instead I make goals and also set out projects for the coming year. I started last year and was somewhat successful, and I hope to continue this process and become better at accomplishing my goals set at the beginning of the year. 

I also have a yearly ritual of buying a new journal. Sometimes Best Friend CPF and I buy ours together. This year while shopping in Barnes & Noble, we came upon these gorgeous Moleskine notebooks. 

They come in these great vibrant colors, and I can't wait to start writing in mine! These notebooks were used by great writers and artists such as Van Gogh and Heminway. Not bad company at all. 

In addition to setting goals for my personal life. I've also set goals as they relate to the wedding, and, no, I don't mean actually getting the planning done. I've come up with some ways that I want to approach the wedding in the final seven or so months. 

1. Don't let the wedding take over my life - WHAT?! Did I just write that? Yes, I did. I've decided to make sure that I have some outlets and activities outside of wedding planning. As much as I love this blog, and I love looking at anything wedding related, I've got make sure that I keep some part of my life wedding-free. I've got some ideas including continuing my training as a docent at a local museum and starting a monthly dinner club with friends. I think it's important for a bride to not get so enveloped in the wedding world that we forget to nurture ourselves and our interests. 

2. Be open to finding things for the wedding in the places I thought I wouldn't - A few days ago I was a little upset at a post I lost on my computer. Well, it mentioned my struggle with finding a dress. A few days ago, I had a great time and possibly may have found my dress at of all places.....David's Bridal. I'll post more about this later, but I realized that for someone who is trying to plan this wedding as frugally as I see fit, I need to be open to whatever resources are out there. 

3. Remember the wedding's purpose - It's sooo easy to forget (and to be honest, I think Mr. CPF and I have been good about this), but the wedding is about our spiritual union as husband and wife. Nothing more, nothing else. So whatever the flowers look like or what dress I wear will ultimately not matter unless I can look back five, ten, or twenty years from now and still be with Mr. CPF. 

I like my wedding resolutions. I hope that over the course of the next several months I will take them to heart.

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