January 12, 2009

The Honeymooners....

.....may not be Mr. Swan and I. Yes..can you imagine that? I, who takes pride in ticking off yet another country on my travel list, may not actually go on a honeymoon. Don't get me wrong. We'll take a trip eventually, but in my mind it just won't be a honeymoon. (Occasionally I can act like spoiled brat, and you get to see it. I never said I was perfect). Here are some of the criteria that we have discussed and for the most part agreed on for a honeymoon destination:

1. We'd like to be in a place that has activities/sites AND be able to relax preferably by a beach;
2. We'd like to go someplace we've never been before; and
3. This is always important for me: I'd like to learn about a new culture and to get to experience some of that culture.

Picking a honeymoon is easy for most people, especially here in the U.S. Many people opt to spend a week on the beach in the Caribbean, Mexico or Hawaii. Well, I have to admit that those options don't really make Mr. Swan and I jump out of our seats very much.

First, I am from the Caribbean, and most of my family lives there to this day. Seriously, I can pick up my cell phone, call my family and I'll have a free place to stay for at least a week (and a few free meals) if I absolutely wanted to. Plus, well (and not to get all political here) I hope that the Caribbean one day will offer more/be known for more than just its great beaches and pretty darn good cricket players. There's lots of interesting history, beauty and smart people there. These countries can and should offer more to the world. Let's put it this way: I would never go to Paris and never leave my hotel. Period. Just my opinion here. I know the region offers lovely, affordable options for an exotic getaway. I encourage anyone going to a Caribbean island (or anywhere else for that matter) to get out and meet the locals and sample some local food and culture.

Anyway, the Caribbean is out of the question. Getting married during prime hurricane season doesn't necessarily help either (I hear you, Miss Gloss). Secondly, Mr. Swan has this irrational :) disinterest in Hawaii, and lastly, I've been to Mexico.

Also well there is little pesky issue of...ummm...MONEY. As you can tell from a previous post, budget is our new favorite word, and it's forcing us to even reconsider whether we'll even have a honeymoon. For someone who has had a bank account dedicated solely for travel and a mental checklist of trip possibilities, it's like being LOST.

BUT if we did have a honeymoon, where would yours truly want to go?


I've never been to Asia, and I feel like I can't call myself a seasoned traveller without a trip there. Plus who doesn't want to go here? I know other Bees have gone here or thought about a trip here, but look below. Aren't those pics reason enough?

While I love the idea of Bali, it is very far and expensive to get to. A trip that is almost twenty-four hours coupled with a hefty price tag on the flight makes a sista kinda think a bit.

Maybe somewhere a bit closer..like Greece!

Still as much as this is not as crazy of a plane trip and even with a decline, the Euro is still kicking the U.S. Dollar's butt even with a better exchange rate. I'm too old to stay in a hostel, so maybe I need to keep thinking.

The million dollar question will be whether or not we can find our characteristics I mentioned above at a price we might like. Maybe Mr. Swan will surprise me, and we will be able to go to one of my dream locations.
Stay tuned...


Mrs. Andi said...

Greece is soooooooo lovely!!! I would totally recommend the beaches around the various seas, along with visits into Athens for the culture & history.

Kadija Ferryman said...

Emil went to Santorini (not with me, but with a guy friend...that's another story, hee hee) and said it was GORGEOUS!!!

I also here that THAILAND is a great honeymoon destination because altho it is expensive to get there, it is really cheap to eat and stay, plus the food is DELIC!!!