January 11, 2009

Reception Search - Little House..... in Greenwich Village

I realized that I have yet to finish chronicling my venue search, so here it goes...

I was at the tail end of wanting to see reception venues. I had seen places small, fancy, big, plain and everything in between, but I wanted to see 632 on Hudson for myself in person. It's a townhouse originally built in the 1840's in the West Village. It has amazing architecture and is a beautiful, intimate space. 

I was originally attracted to 632 on Hudson because of the artwork and beautiful decor. Plus it would be different from the traditional catering/banquet/restaurant private room options that we had been looking at in general. 

When you see these photos, can you blame me for wanting to see it live? 

(source: moi)

(source: moi aussi)

(source: me again)

(source: you guessed it)
There's even a roof deck! 

While I really like 632 on Hudson, I have to admit it looked a little smaller in person than on the website (isn't that always the case?). I was told that it could fit our group, but wasn't sure if people wouldn't feel a little cramped. I think it would be a wonderful space for up to 60 or 70 people. 

Also I wanted to have a dedicated space for people to be able to have a sit-down meal and to not be divided between the 632's multiple levels. Luckily, a new gallery/open space was being built on the lower level. I got to take a sneak peek on the tour (pic is below). The room could easily fit up to 100 people seated. If I remember correctly, they were still working out the pricing for renting both spaces. I think a fun wedding would be to have cocktails in the main area upstairs with dinner downstairs and then back upstairs for fun!

While 632 on Hudson seems like a fun space, it didn't necessarily seem like the right space for Mr. CPF and me. I hope someone I know has a wedding there soon just so I can experience it at night! I think this is a great option for the couple having a small wedding with an opulent house party feel. Please, friends, someone have a wedding here!

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