July 2, 2009

Are We Done Yet?

A Real Conversation in the Swan Household:

Miss Swan: [Choose your own random wedding detail and insert here]. Can you help with that? Thanks, boo.

Mr. Swan: I'm excited about getting married, but the planning is a lot. There's so much to think about. [Isn't he cute? He doesn't know the half of it.]

Miss Swan: I know, and we've been doing this for about 10 months now. We're almost there. ACK!! I haven't done anything all weekend. Maybe I should do something today. Ughh....

I spent a whole lot of procrastinating this past weekend and definitely not enough on the wedding. I don't want to be left out there scrambling the week before, BUT I think I am getting tired....of planning. In some ways I feel like I can't think anymore about the details. I'm not necessarily the world's most original person when it comes to wedding decor and details, so I feel pretty tapped out (escort cards, anyone? I will figure that out somehow). The funny thing is that I am not doing a ton of projects or things myself, and I'm still staring at a pretty long to-do list.

Given that we are now in the home stretch of planning, we should be amped right now. Mr. Swan and I are getting more excited about being married each day, but I am amazed at how much this process can sometimes zap your mental energy.

Is anyone else thinking, "Are we done yet?" For those with weddings soon, how are you keeping focused and full of energy?

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