July 30, 2009

Bacheloretting in Brooklyn - Release (Part 3 )

We'd relaxed at the spa, ate good food, and then we proceeded to partake in the ever popular dance portion of the bachelorette party. You all know I love to dance, so I didn't mind this part of the evening at all except for the fact that all of us were yawning by the end of dinner. :) I guess this is what happens when you reach the 30+ age range? We all definitely joked about the fact that we were all little shells of our former partying selves to some extent. Therefore, the car ride over to Williamsburg, Brooklyn consisted of opening windows for some fresh air to keep us awake and calling each other out for yawning. :)

Of course by the time we got to Bembe in Williamsburg and the music hit us, were were okay. Bembe primarily plays a mix of Latin music (I guess we had to keep the Latin theme running) so there was steady mix of salsa, samba and merengue with some dance classics thrown in for good measure. I have not been out dancing in a LOOONNNGG time, but somehow remembered how to dance. :)

A mojito on the dancefloor

Ike and I tearing it up. Go, Ike!

Being an old fogey, I proclaimed the night over at 1:30am (we started at 3pm, so it was time to get some beauty rest).

I feel like dancing is the universal element in a bachelorette party, but maybe I'm wrong. Did anyone NOT have dancing as part of their bachelorette event or is it just such a traditional element that you couldn't give it up?

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