July 22, 2009

Mini-Moonin' It

As I am sure that I mentioned before, we're not really sure if and when we'll be taking a full-fledged honeymoon. Between lack of ample vacation time for me and no job yet for the Mr., we're still hoping that we can find our way overseas for an adventure and some relaxation sometime soon in the future. Instead we'll be taking some time away after the wedding to Newport, Rhode Island. Why Newport? Well it's got the makings for an easy and low-cost mini-moon since it's Mr. Swan's home state. Here's why:

1) a free place to stay in Mr. Swan's family apartment house there (don't worry they don't live there too. They live in a separate town.);

2) we can borrow one of the family cars;

3) Newport is not that far of a drive from NYC, and we'll be driving there with the FFIL and FMIL Swan the day after the wedding; 

4) Plus it looks like this in the summer time:

I will admit to you that I was not very excited that Mr. Swan suggested we even go to Newport. For one, in addition to being Miss Swan, I like to also think of myself as Miss Adventure. I'd already been to Newport for an afternoon with him, so I kinda figured that maybe we wouldn't have much left to see. Also going to Rhode Island is not really all that new for me, since I've been going there to visit friends who lived there for years even before I'd met Mr. Swan. To me, it was just going to be another trip to Rhodey (Rhode Island brides, please forgive me!).

Anyway, I recently started to research our trip, and I've actually started to get really excited about some of the things we'll be able to do there. For one, we'll get to see fabulous homes.

Of course one of the most well-known aspects of a visit to Newport is the collection of gorgeous mansions. You can take tours of these old stately homes that have been restored to their former glory.  These "summer cottages" (yeah, y'all these are just the summer homes) were built by wealthy and prominent families like the Vanderbilts. I think I'll enjoy a little history lesson on our trip. 

Newport also has wonderful restaurants especially those featuring fresh seafood. I actually went to the one pictured above my first time in Newport. They've got really good chowder. I'm marrying a born and raised New Englander, so I better like me some chowder. :)  

Newport is also known for its harbor and its sailing activities. Some consider it the sailing capital of the U.S. (maybe even the world) because it's hosted the America's Cup sailing race so many times. Mr. Swan wants to take a harbor cruise for the first time since he was a kid.  He spent most of his childhood years on a boat in the summer time especially around the Newport area, so it will be fun to be able to share this experience with him. 

Unfortunately, we will miss the Newport Jazz Festival again this year. It's too bad because I'd love to see (or hear, I guess) Chaka Khan, Branford Marsalis and even Tony Bennett. Maybe next year!

Are you mini-moonin' it too? Where are you going, and what aspects of your trip are you looking forward to?  

Also does anyone have any Newport recs for me? I know Mr. Swan is a native, but it's always cool to hear others' picks. Thanks in advance!

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Anonymous said...

Hey future Ms. Merchant from one of the current Ms. Merchants. Newport attracts visitors from around the world. Foreign languages abound. Since this is my first summer actually living in the city by the sea I've taken several historic walking tours and not even scratched the surface. (check the Newport Historical Society website) I've learned more about Npt. than a smug native knew there was to know. It's like the New Yorker never visiting Ms. Liberty. FFIL and I have collected a mini mountain of brochures and menus for you both. You should check newport waterfront events.com to see who's been in and is coming in for the Nantucket Nectar Sunset Music Series and the Newport Summer Comedy Series. If you get in early enough on Sun. Aug. 9 you can run down the hill to hear Tracy Morgan perform at 8pm.(I believe his name is familiar). Yes, you will miss the Jazz Festival but that will give you and the Mister an excuse to come back next summer. You can either buy tickets or do what the natives do...anchor downwind of the speakers and enjoy. Npt boasts an exceptional professional dance troup (one of your many accomplishments) called the Island Moving Company. Enough! I've been told I should give tours or work the desk at the Welcome Ctr. Much love to you both. We are totally looking forward to sharing the launch party of your life together. See you soon. FMIL