July 31, 2009

Fighting with My Body

With the wedding days away, I've had two nights in a row of insomnia. The problem is that it's not just the wedding on my mind: I've got this tricky career move decision I'm mulling over; Mr. Swan has all of a sudden gotten a flurry of interviews (YAY!!!); and work travel keeps flaring up again even though it was supposed to stop over a month ago (I am technically scheduled to be away for a day two days before the wedding, but it's not clear. I am NOT happy).

This isn't a new pattern for me though. Whenever there are big life changes around the corner, or if I am in the midst of major change, my mind races and sleep goes out the window. What's annoying is that this actually makes me extra emotional and more prone to freak out. At the very least I'm eating well and actually exercising, but sleep would be nice.

When wedding stress reaches its highest levels for you, does your body react? How do you deal with it? Are there any other bride insomniacs out there?

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