July 10, 2009

You Can't Fight City Hall

Yes. that's right...don't do it! Just go to our welcome reception venue!


We ended up falling in love with City Hall in part because it was the relaxed feeling we wanted for a varied group of people that would be congregating that evening. Also the owner, Henry Meer, was so lovely to us and a pretty great salesman. We went on a Friday after work, and I guess we looked a little bit lost and like a snoopers. The next thing I knew Henry was asking us about ourselves and had ordered us a glass of wine. In addition to being a pretty space, Henry charmed our pants off (figuratively of course).  We ended up returning an hour later and having a great dinner there. 

We looked at a variety of places in lower Manhattan in an effort to try to find a place to meet up with our out of town guests the evening before the wedding.  Since we're not having a wedding party and therefore the whole rehearsal is sort of going to be more of a run-through, we're also not going to have a full fledged rehearsal dinner. Egads! No rehearsal dinner, my friends!

I know that there is a great debate about whether or not one should have a rehearsal dinner with all of the out-of-town guests, but we really couldn't do that. It was just not budget friendly for us. We had much more grandiose plans prior to Mr. Swan losing his job, but as you can imagine that got thrown by the wayside. Instead, we've invited our guests to join us for drinks for a 2 1/2 hour period the night before. I may even dip out a little early since I've got an early morning ahead of me the next day. 

Are you foregoing a traditional rehearsal dinner? 

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