July 28, 2009

Bacheloretting in Brooklyn - Relate (Part 2)

After getting super relaxed at the spa, the ladies and I were ready to get our grub on. We walked a few blocks away to Luz, a Pan Latin restaurant. I've been to Luz before and really enjoyed the meal, so I was definitely excited to come back. We started off with some great appetizers consisting of amazing arepas (sweet corn and cheese cakes more like fritters), a trio of ceviches (my favorite being the langosta passion: lobster, passion fruit, mango citrus sauce and aji amarillo). Between those and a great caipirinha (Brazilian rum, muddled limes and sugar), I was feeling pretty darn good. 

We had a great time over dinner. The wonderful thing about my group of friends is that they got along and had lively, engaging conversation even though they didn't all know each other well.  It was so nice to catch up with them since a couple in the group actually don't live in NYC. I was so grateful that they'd made the trip. One thing my bachelorette made me realize is that while I have a small group of friends, they are an amazing group of women. Our time together that night made me appreciate them even more for the interesting, sweet women they are. I guess the quality versus quantity saying is pretty true. 

Here's Ike and Mitts (not their real names and I wish they both lived in NYC)

Here I am with Special K, my bachelorette party planning extraordinaire.

We got our main courses and were really excited to eat our meals. Two of us got the San Pedro which included a banana leaf-wrapped tilapia with lemograss-coconut sauce, mofongo (a Latin Caribbean dish of mashed fried green plantain often mixed with the meat, fish or vegetables; in our case it was shrimp..I think) and charred string beans. 

I had the Quinoto, which consisted of grilled jumbo shrimp, quinoa with something in it that made it taste amazing (I should have asked) and grilled asparagus.

We had great desserts that included a molten chocolate cake and a lovely guava tart with cheese ice cream. 

For me, good food and good conversation is my kind of celebration. 

Did you include a nice meal as part of your bachelorette event? 

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