July 14, 2009

Project RSVP

Our RSVP deadline has come and gone. We are still waiting for people to get back to us about whether or not they're coming to the wedding to the point where I have dubbed the past few days "Project RSVP. "

No paper RSVPs for us, but you get the point.

I've tried Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo and even sicced Mommy Swan on a few in an effort to a get straight answer. Some people have been apologetic and disappointed (at least their e-mails conveyed that). Others not so much. Hmm....

It's been interesting to see who RSVPS, who doesn't, when and how. Most of the late RSVPs have come in the following catergories some of which are surprising:

1) Couples with kids - This is primarily Mr. Swan's domain. While some couples with kids were on point, a large percentage waited until the second follow-up e-mail to finally answer. I know having kids changes your priorities; I will not hold this against anyone.

2) Couples that have recently had weddings - Surprisingly, a few recently married couples have been the least responsive. I thought they would be a bit easier to wrangle having gone through this before.

3) Single guys - Sometimes I think single men think weddings just appear out of thin air. :)
4) Close friends - Seriously...you have to RSVP too. I know you love me, but the rules still apply! I've had multiple "Ofcourse, I'm coming!" Well you need to tell me too! :) You gotta love your friends.

Honestly, I'm amazed that this process has sometimes resembled pulling teeth. I know some people were holding out because they were still sorting out travel plans, but I honestly think some people just didn't want to write the e-mail or make the necessary phone call to let us know. I sound bitter, don't I? :( I also know that this wedding is not on everyone's radar everyday; life gets in the way (it does for me too even as the bride).

I'm not going to say that I have been totally happy with our RSVPs. There are many people who I thought even distance would not prevent them from coming who are in fact not going to be there. Others have completely surprised and flattered me. I'm touched that they are going to take time and spend their hard-earned money to be with me and Mr. Swan that day.

We've STILL got a few holdouts, and I'm wondering if it's safe to assume they're not coming.

Was your RSVP process smooth? Are/were you surprised about some of the people who were able to make it? How did you deal with the holdouts?

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