July 26, 2009

Bacheloretting in Brooklyn - Relax (Part 1)

When I wrote about having a bachelorette party way back when, I didn't think I would actually have one. I am not into particularly "bride-y" things, and the idea of penis pops, a tiara and boa didn't sound fun to me. I will admit though I love watching ladies out on bachelorette parties at night doing those things. :) I really just wanted to have a nice, low-key evening with my friends especially since my girl time has been in pretty short supply lately. 

After writing my post, I got a great suggestion from Weddingbee reader, Jenny. I'm gonna have to make a special Shout Out to her because she recommended that I check out Body by Brooklyn. It's a new spa in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn not too far away from my apartment.

I loved the idea of their private room for my ladies to chill out. In addition to the private room you also have access to their wet lounge/sauna area with two types of saunas, a jacuzzi and a plunge pool. My primary motivation for going there was that I wanted us to have a private space (plus if I can make people come out to Brooklyn I will...hee hee!!)  I think what sets it apart is the fact that they have a bar. You can even have brunch there! (Although it's my understanding that Great Jones Spa in Greenwich Village has one too). We didn't really have the food except for the snacks they gave us, which weere alright by me. It consisted of great cheese, grilled veggies, crackers, strawberries, petit fours and some sparkly wine...YUM!

Since I don't have a bridal party, I got the help of my friend Special K to organize everyone. We had some last minute cancellations due to people having to travel for business, etc. but I was fine with our very small group. 

Here we are settling into the room. My friend, Becks (not her real name) is trying out the flat screen. 

Pretty much it was a whole lotta girl talk. My friend, Ike (not her real name either), was telling a pretty funny story here. I don't think I want to retell it. After  awhile, I was told that I was being whisked away to get massage, which was a special treat from the ladies. I have been so busy with things I completely forgot that I was going to a spa and didn't book anything for myself! I was pretty grateful to say the least. 

After my lovely massage, we played a brief game. I couldn't believe that I could not answer some of the questions that were asked about Mr. Swan. Oops! It's good to know that you love your Mom's pumpkin pie, honey. Have you mentioned this before, Mr. Swan?

I also got to open some gifts. Since I don't want to get Mrs. Bee in trouble and change the nature of this site, I won't divulge what I got. 

Yeah..I'll keep that to myself. 

Anyway, we had a nice time, and I was glad to incorporate some quiet downtime with the ladies. 

Up next: some darn good food 'cause it ain't a night out without a good meal. Do you expect anything less from me? :)

Did anyone incorporate a spa experience into their bachelorette event?  

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